Welcome to KFS Service

A straightforward approach to commercial catering equipment repair and maintenance.

By giving 100% customer satisfaction, our customers will encourage positive feed back to their customers and suppliers maintaining the success of our future. At KFS we believe we have the experience and technical knowledge required to truly offer the best possible service available to our commercial catering customers.

All too often we find that others boast of good service when in reality their operation is significantly funded from the revenue generated by equipment sales. As a result their focus is divided between the repair element and the possibility of new sales.

At KFS we take a different approach in that we do not concentrate on the supply of new or used equipment. We rely on our reputation for good service, promptness and competitive rates to maintain our business model. This does not detract our focus when requested for the possible need for new equipment sales. Our aim in this instance is to give our customers all the relevant brand product and supplier information available in order for them to make an informed and unbiased decision based on their own situation and budget.