Our work

In this ever-changing world we find that rules and regulations change on what seems a daily basis and its our intention to keep as informed and up to date as possible. By being accredited to industry organisations we are fully aware of our duties and responsibilities to our customers, ourselves and the environment. As a member of Gas Safe we receive regular updates to good practice as well as changes to the regulations we work within. It also gives us a window into new technologies and efficiencies. Likewise, when working on construction sites we make sure we are equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are CITB accredited to the CSCS schemes.

Communication is key

Having made sure we have the correct information, training and equipment we are confident you are in safe hands. This is only a small part of our business. We have not forgotten that we also provide a service to our customers and experience tells us that communication is the key. Say what you do, do what you say. So many times you hear of trades people letting customers down by turning up late, at inconvenient times and sometimes just not attending. Things happen to all of us to get in the way of appointments, but we feel that there is no excuse not to communicate this. We make every effort to attend when we say we will but guarantee that faced with this situation we contact customers to explain, attending later or rescheduling.

It's fixed Chef!

Spare parts and first-time fix is also where we think we add to our service offering. Certainly, there are some universal parts that we can hold and do for gas equipment. It gets a bit trickier when dealing with electrical parts but once again we keep fast moving parts on the vans where the value is not excessive. We also build up customer specific parts as we get to know your equipment. Faced with a regular spare part that your equipment seems to require we would encourage you to hold parts on site or we add it in to our van stock. This underpins our commitment to first time fix rates and in turn makes us more efficient. In a busy commercial kitchen, everyone is planning, doing and preparing for service. Its so much easier to say its fixed than to start dialogue as to what part is required when will it arrive and so on.

A straightforward approach

By this we mean:

• We're here as expected

• We're trained for the job

• We have the correct equipment

• We understand your business and the importance of working equipment

• We have the parts to repair.

In a nutshell, our “It's fixed Chef” ethos is about fixing first where possible and always at competitive rates.

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