Our ethos


In this ever-changing world, where rules and regulations change on what can sometimes seem a daily basis, you are in safe hands with KFS. Our engineers are informed and up to date with the training and equipment they need for the job. By being accredited to industry organisations we are fully aware of our duties and responsibilities to you, ourselves and the environment.

As a member of Gas Safe we receive regular updates to good practice, changes to the regulations we work within and insights into new technologies and efficiencies.

When working on construction sites we make sure we are equipped with the correct PPE and are CITB accredited to the CSCS schemes.


Communication is a vital aspect of the service we provide our customers. We make every effort to “say what we do, do what we say” – and guarantee that if we’re unavoidably delayed in getting to you, we will contact you to explain, arrange to attend later or reschedule.

"It's fixed, Chef"

We know that in a busy commercial kitchen, it is so much better for you to hear “it’s fixed” than to hear what part is required and how long it will take to arrive. That’s what our “It's fixed, Chef” ethos is about –fixing first where possible and always at competitive rates.

We carry some universal spare parts for gas equipment and commonly-needed electrical parts in our vans. We also build up customer-specific parts as we get to know your equipment. We’ll encourage you to hold parts on site that your equipment seems to regularly require, or add them to our van stock as part of our commitment to first time fix rates and efficiency.


When you work with KFS, you can rely on us to be:

• With you as expected

• Trained for the job

• Carrying the correct equipment

• Focussed on your business and the importance of working equipment

• Carrying routinely-needed repair parts