Suntec City Events

By far this is the biggest kitchen I have ever been in let alone assemble. Suntec is a conference centre. It compares in size to the London’s XL conference centre. Over 4 kitchens they have a total of 25 combi ovens, 18 Bratt Pans and 15 mixing kettles. My first visit was to train and oversee the installation. I went back several years later to retrain their engineers and still help them with various technical issues.

“I have known Neil Holden for several years. He has supported in the installation of equipment and training of technicians at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre since 2017. I know Neil as an individual who demonstrates great passion in his work. Before each training visit to our centre, Neil takes the initiative to understand the exact level of training that is required by our staff. Then, he customizes and designs training sessions suitable and applicable to our needs.

Neil provides clear guidance through a structured coaching style. Being a strong communicator, he has successfully trained our team to effectively perform equipment maintenance and repairs; and ensures that practical skills are transferred to our team within a few days. Neil is truly a great mentor who unreservedly shares his knowledge. This is highly remarkable and commendable. We are grateful to have his guidance through these years.

Daniel Ang – Senior Director, Operations. Suntec City Events