Merry Christmas!

As you may or may not know, our amazing 7 year old son Archie has ASD. This time of year is especially hard with so much stimulus everywhere. Heaven knows, we all find it exciting and sometimes a little too much, but for Archie his world is a very unpredictable place, the lights, the colours, the sounds. Quite literally a sensory overload. However, that said, christmas this time is slightly different. Because out of all the craziness in the world this year, there came a craze that would bring Archie much comfort and have a real calming effect…

Loom bands!

He just adores them. He started with bracelets, but rapidly moved onto bigger and better things. Our house is often strewn with loomband streamers, sometimes over 15 metres long, linking one room to another. Anything is Loomable! Light fittings, door handles, the bannister, even the gear stick in the car. His latest thing is loom band balls, patiently made with hundreds of bands wrapped over and over each other.


This year, rather than buying xmas cards and spending money on postage, K8 would like to donate the money saved to The National Autistic Society. They have been awesome this year. A 10-week parenting course we attended earlier this year was invaluable, giving us many tools and techniques to spot the signs and hopefully keep Archie’s world of anxiety in check.


So with a tip of the hat to Archies new obsession, we would like to send you a heartfelt christmas message…